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March 28, 2020
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How to Select Paint Colors for Your Home

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Are you wondering what paint colors will look best on your walls? Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the best paint colors for your home.

General Tips

Choose a color that will complement your furniture. It's much easier to change your walls than to buy new furniture. Let your furniture guide you.

Natural Lighting
If you have a lot of natural light, the room will look good with dark colors. A poorly lit room could be washed out by darker colors. Pale shades and some pastels reflect natural light and can add depth and a sense of spaciousness to a room.

If the accessories and furniture in a room, are very colorful, you may want to consider balancing out the decor with a neutral paint color. Choosing the right color is all about balance. If your furniture is neutral, use a bold color to give the room a fresh boost.

Color Ideas

Pastels and Neutrals
Pastels and neutral paints can open up a room and create a sense of space and calmness. Neutral paints can complement colder colored accents walls.

Primary Colors
Bright, casual and informal are three of the best ways to describe primary colors. Primary colors were once used for children's bedrooms and playrooms. Over the past decade, color has made a comeback and homeowners are using bold, primary colors for accent walls in their family rooms and dining rooms.

Rich and Deep Colors
Sensual and elegant are ways to describe rooms painted with deep colors. Brown paint complemented with a lighter pastel is a popular trend. Rich and deep colors can complement dark wood furniture.

Earth Tones
Earth tones are great for basements, kitchens and bedrooms. They add warmth and serenity to a room.

Blue and White
Blue-and-white combinations are used to create the feelings of tranquility associated with the ocean. Blue-and-white paint combinations are popular among beach house homeowners. Blue and white are also popular in bathrooms.

Black and White
Black and white color combinations suit rooms with simple furnishings. They can bring sophistication to a room. Black and white is a great choice for a modern kitchen or bathroom.

Browns and Burgundies
Deep, dark colors can create a neutral atmosphere for bedrooms. These dark colors work well for dining rooms where a feeling of elegance is sought. Browns are also good for neutral guest bedroom dcor.


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