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May 8, 2020
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How to Shop for Collectible Magnets and Then Show Them Off

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Have you ever wanted to collect something out of the ordinary? Today, there are people who collect pictures, autographs, coins, buttons, CDs, albums, posters, and usually anything else you can think of that someone could collect.

If you would like to collect something a little different, try collecting magnets! You can find magnets anywhere and everywhere. The best place to purchase magnets is online from websites. Many people who collect, make, or find magnets sell them on the Internet for profit. The increased use of the Internet has made it easy to collect specific items that most people would not normally collect, such as magnets.

They magnets you can collect can be of anything: people, pets, places, a logo, or anything else you can think of. Magnets are easy to find because they are small, durable, and easy to sell. These days, many people are selling vintage items from the early 20th century and possibly even before.

The best way to shop for collectible magnets is online. Try websites like eBay, Craigslist, Pins-buttons, or any other website you can find that sells magnets. However, I most definitely recommend eBay because it is the easiest to use and provides a vast listing of goods to buy.

eBay users are known to sell vintage items. Purchasing magnets from eBay is very easy. All you have to do is sign up, if you haven't already, and find magnets that you'd like to collect. Try to collect older types of magnets instead of more recent ones.

As always, vintage-type items will gain worth as time goes on. Even if your magnet collection is small, you can still in the future sell these magnets for more money than you bought them for. Try to find magnets that depict old companies such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc. Even though these companies are still in existence today, the logo and type of advertising the company did when it first started is very different from today's advertising.

Magnets online usually range from $2-6; however, some magnets may cost more than others because of their age. It is best to find magnets on the Internet from online auction sites. eBay is your best bet! It is your best interest not to pay too much money for a single magnet. If a magnet is very expensive on one website, try searching for it on another website.

Another way to purchase collectible magnets is from thrift stores, or antique stores. These two types of stores are bound to have vintage magnets that you can collect. Thrift stores are a good way to find magnets mainly because they are cheap. Goods in thrift stores are usually very cheap. They are also a good place to find magnets to collect because many people who go to thrift stores sell older typed products for money; therefore, thrift stores are sure to provide you with vintage collectible magnets.

Antique stores are also another place to buy collectible magnets for the same reason. People either collect antiques and sell them to antique stores or antique store owners decide to open a store to sell things that they do not need.

Besides thrift stores and antique stores, you can also purchase collectible magnets from yard sales. Yard sales usually occur during late spring, but mostly during the summer. Most people that participate in yard sales are just looking to get rid of junk, but some of these people have very valuable vintage items like magnets. Yard sales are also a cheap way to buy magnets.

Once you have a collection of magnets, you can display them whichever way you'd like. You can put some of them on your refrigerator, but not for long because they might get damaged. Putting your magnets on your refrigerator allow you to show them off to anyone that might enter your home.

Putting your collectible magnets inside of a picture frame is also a good idea because the magnet is preserved. Inside of a frame, you can hang your magnets anywhere; in the hallway, a bedroom, the bathroom, etc. Magnets inside of a frame also allow you to show them off throughout your home. Be creative!

If you don't like either of these ideas, you could simply buy a magnet board. Magnet boards allow you to stick your magnets onto the surface and hang them up somewhere in your home.

Just remember, collecting magnets is a very easy process. It is best to find vintage magnets at older types of stores or at online auctions. Be sure to take care of the magnets you collect.


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