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May 26, 2020
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Ideas For Art Projects For Kids

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Many children absolutely love creating art. Crafting, drawing, and painting are more than just enjoyable to kids - they are also beneficial for helping improve small muscle skills and hand -eye coordination. Experience with the arts at a young age will also nurture an appreciation for art that your child will carry into adulthood. Try this pair of simple art project ideas if you want to give your child a creative and enjoyable opportunity to also develop several different skills.

Hand Tracing Creations

When you want an art project that is enjoyable, quick, and affordable, it is hard to find one that would be better than hand tracing. The only materials you will need are crayons, paper, and the hand of your child. Begin by having your child trace their hand on a piece of paper with one of the crayons. Next, let their creativity run wild by transforming the hand tracing into something unique. Many people will remember this activity at school during the Thanksgiving season when they were taught to transform their hand tracings into a Thanksgiving turkey, but there are many other artistic possibilities. How about letting the fingers be spiked hair, and drawing a silly face on the palm place of the tracing? Or try turning the paper upside down so that the fingers of the tracing can look like the legs of an insect, or any manner of scary creation. Hand Art is an affordable and imaginative option for an art day. And make sure you and your child select their most loved couple of creations so that they can be displayed in picture frames in your home.

"Tie Dye" with Paper Towels

With a roll of plain paper towels, water, several rubber bands or grocery "twist-ties", a handful of paper clips, some small bowls and a watercolor paint set, your children can make a myriad of tie dye art. Begin by protecting the tabletop where you are working with some sort of vinyl or plastic tablecloth. Next, fold one of the paper towels in a fan-fold alternating pattern. Take rubber bands, twisty -ties or paper clips and attach them in various places along the paper folds. Then, pour a little water into each of the small bowls. With the paintbrush and watercolor paint set, stain each bowl of water with a different color. Dip the various edges of the folds of the paper towel in the bowls of colored water. The colored water will be absorbed by the paper towel everywhere except under the rubber bands, twisty ties, and paper clips where it will remain white. Once you've finished dipping the towel in colors, use clean paper towels to blot extra moisture away from your folded towel. Then you will be ready to gently take away the paper clips, rubber bands, and twisty-ties revealing your tie dye creation. Make sure to lay towel flat and allow it to dry completely. You may also want to cover your creation with a clean paper towel and then iron it in order to press out any wrinkles or fold lines. These colorful tie dye creations look beautiful if you display them in picture frames.


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