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March 14, 2020
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1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Amazing

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When you hear the words 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets what comes to your mind? More than likely, you begin to imagine unique sheets that were common in ancient Egypt many thousands of years ago. If this is what comes to your mind, you are half right. These Egyptian sheets are certainly unique but they are not something out of the ancient past. Rather, there are cotton sheets that you can purchase from fine retailers this very day.

And there are many good reasons for purchasing 1000 thread count Egyptian bedding. Namely, you will be able to enjoy luxury bed sheets at a price that can be considered quite reasonable. Those that have tried these Egyptian sheets are known to rave about them because they offer great comfort and a unique feel you will likely not find in other traditional cotton sheets.

1000 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding get their name from their origins. The cotton used to create the Egyptian sheets derives from a plant known as the gossypium hirsutum. Many assume that these plants originated in Egypt due to their name but, surprise, the plants are indigenous to the United States. In the 19th century, these plants were exported to Egypt where they proved to be quite popular. The cotton served many different purposes and, as many already have surmised, the cotton was used to create outstanding bed sheets.

Today, it is safe to say that these 1000 thread count Egyptian bedding are among the finest sheets available for purchase. The reasons for this are varied and the two prime attributes which are mentioned when the positives of these cottons are discussed are both its amazing feel and its well established durability.

This particular type of cotton can be considered among the most breathable of all cotton available. This is huge attribute to acquire from cotton bed sheets since they have the ability to make your evenings far more enjoyable since you would not feel overheated during the evenings. This will also reduce the amount of perspiration your body emits at night which, in turn, will reduce the frequency the sheets will need to be washed. This is certainly not to infer you do not ever have to wash the sheets at all. However, with less perspiration absorbed by the sheets, the less likely they will smell. This means they will not need to be washed with as much frequency as traditional sheets.

When you do wash the sheets, you will notice a very unique result. These sheets will literally become softer with each washing. This adds to the life of the 1000 thread count sheets making them a truly excellent investment in bedding.

Yes, there are tremendous amount of benefits to these Egyptian bedding. This is why they are so popular and also why they are considered among the most elegant of available sheets. If you in the market for a set of quality bedding, then you seriously should consider purchasing 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets. They truly are that excellent.


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