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When you hear the words 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets what comes to your mind? More than likely, you begin to imagine unique sheets that were common in ancient Egypt many thousands of years ago. If this is what comes to your mind, you are half right. These Egyptian sheets are certainly unique but they are not something out of the ancient past.

14 Mar 20

No matter what time of year it is, it seems like we all need to relax. With all the technology we have, modern life can quickly become hectic, and it can keep your vacation from being relaxing. If you want a relaxing vacation though, nothing is more relaxing than staying in a Galena bed and breakfast.Galena is a small, and very charming town in the state of Illinois.

29 Jul 20

Have you recently renovated a room? Do you still feel that something is missing? If you think that even after spending a lot of time in upgrading your home it does not look perfect to you, do not worry. You do not have to undertake another home renovation project. A terrific room transformation doesn't require large-scale renovation.

17 Aug 20

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23 Oct 20
You just moved into your first house and now are starting to get things in place in the different rooms. When you start doing your bedroom, you realize that your furniture does not really match the new digs because it's a hodgepodge of old stuff from college and apartment living.
09 Nov 20
You should be notified sometime during the summer of who your roommate is and their contact information. Take some initiative and call them. 99% of the time, they'll be glad you did.Take this time to talk about yourself and ask questions about them. What are their hobbies? Where did they go to school? What are they thinking about majoring in? You get the idea.
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03 Nov 20
Digital frames are one of the hotest new gadgets on the market, quickly gaining popularity with consumers who want to better leverage their digital pictures. Many people have likely received one of these as a gift and are trying to determine the best use for their new digital photo picture frame. Their are lots of options for these new LCD devices, probably some you haven't thought of before.
28 Nov 20
The Wall Street Journal's Home sectionfeatures the article "What a Little Lace Can Do" to put the spotlight on bed linen and sheets. "You are what you sleep on," says writer Sara Ruffin Costello. Your choice of linenwill determine the feel of your room and the comfort of your sleep.
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